Veterinarian in Fort Lee, NJ

Welcome To Red Roof Fort Lee Animal Hospital

Red Roof Fort Lee Animal Hospital is pleased to serve Fort Lee, NJ and the surrounding areas. It is our goal at Red Roof Fort Lee Animal Hospital to provide the very best veterinary care to your pets as our patients. Our state of art, fully equipped practice ensures your pets receive the best and most modern care.

In 2011, Dr.Jaclyn opened the “Fort Lee Animal Hospital” and gained a good reputation in a local pet family community and increased steadily the value of the practice. We experienced an unpleasant time that one neighbor veterinary practice used our original business name, “Fort Lee Animal Hospital” for their online advertising slogan. Still the advertising is going on and many people have been confused. However, our clients remember our red colored awning at the front door and have been referring us as “RED ROOF Fort Lee Animal Hospital”, and they call Dr.Jaclyn “RED ROOF VET”.

Looking for a good veterinarian?

RED ROOF VET is your Veterinary Health Care mate for your precious pets and family

We are a family-friendly oriented practice, and we really love what we do!

  • The doctor is up-to-date with current practices
  • Reliable, honest and compassionate medical team
  • Advocates for pets and families
  • Convenient, personalized and prompt medical care

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Veterinarian in Fort Lee, NJ

Meet Dr. Jaclyn Kim

  • Obtained Doctorate degree in Veterinary Medicine in 1997
  • Graduated top-ranked private veterinary school in Seoul, South Korea
  • Clinical Training at Cornell University Veterinary Teaching Hospital
  • Shelter Medicine at San Francisco ASPCA
  • Speical interests in Surgery, Dentistry and Emergency Services
  • USDA Licensed veterinarian

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Veterinarian in Fort Lee, NJ

Red Roof Vet Wellness Financial Plan

Financial burdens can be overwhelming. Owners can now choose from a variety of plans for their pets based on their budget. The affordability of the payment and service plans are set up and referenced by the American Veterinary Medical Association’s fee schedules for the practices in the metropolitan area

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So don’t be afraid to call us here at (201) 947-5600. We can answer any questions you may have.

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Red Roof Vet News

Tooth extractions are a major decision! Here at Red Roof, we give your pets a second chance by using a sealing and bonding method to save the tooth instead of extracting it, like most animal hospitals would. At Red Roof, we look at what method would be the best for the animal instead of using a quick generic method.

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