If you believe your animal requires emergency care, call 201.947.5600 to alert us and then bring the animal to 1634 Center Avenue, Fort Lee, NJ.

Our doctors are on-call after hours in case of emergency.

If you have an emergency after our office hours, you call 201.947.5600,  to be connected to our Red Roof veterinarian ASAP.



Any life threatening accident: Hit by a car, Massive bleeding, Physical injury, Falling down
Ingestion of a foreign object (toy, string, etc.)
Ingestion of poison (bring container or name of chemical ingested)
Difficulty breathing (gasping, open-mouth breathing, noisy respiration, blue tongue, etc.)
Vomiting and/or diarrhea
Lethargy, Seizure, Collapse
Inability to urinate or defecate
Difficulty urinating or defecating
Inability to deliver puppies or kittens in labor
Surgical complications (sudden bleeding on incision)
Vaccine reactions