We strongly recommend yearly wellness exams

for pets under 6 years of age and 6 months wellness exams for pets that are older.

Wellness Physical Exam

Do you want to give the best care for your loved companion? Regular wellness visits will help detect any early onset of diseases and ensure the maintenance of optimal health. Our staff will provide you with a full physical exam from head to tail, consisting of eyes, ears, mouth, auscultation of heart/lungs, palpations of the abdomen, spines and legs and more. Depending on each physical exam, we can recommend what else is necessary because each pet is unique and requires protection from different illnesses.


We highly recommend that you bring your pet in every year to keep up to date on vaccinations. Each pet is unique and requires protection from different illnesses.

Our Red Roof Vet gives high-quality vaccines following the AVMA-AAHA recommendations at the time of a routine scheduled examination.

  • For Dogs
  • For Cats

Spay / Neuter Surgery

Spaying is the removal of reproductive organs (e.g. Ovaries and Uterine) on female dogs and cats. Neutering is the removal of testicles on male dogs and cats.

Spaying and Neutering can provide benefits for your pet. For female dogs and cats, spaying helps to prevent life-threatening tumors, breast cancer, and uterine infection. For male dogs and cats, neutering can help with aggression and behavioral issues and helps prevent prostate gland enlargement and testicular cancer and other diseases. RED ROOF VET provides sterile, pain-free, safe spay/neuter services.

Wellness Screening Tests

  • Comprehensive Fecal Tests for intestinal parasites
  • Blood Testing to check blood disorders and major organ function
  • Canine Heartworm / Tick-Borne Disease Test
  • Feline Leukemia / Feline Immunodeficiency Virus Test

Senior Pet Wellness Visit

we recommend a wellness visit every year for adult dogs and cats (1-7 years) and every 6 months for senior dogs and cats (8 years or older) since senior dogs and cats require more attention to their health. Wellness visits for Seniors include x-ray surveys, urinalysis, blood pressure, and comprehensive eye exams (cataract, glaucoma, dry eye) in addition to the services mentioned above.

for any questions or concerns, please contact us at 201 947 5600.

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