High-quality surgical and clinical procedures.

We provide the utmost care to all of our patients because their health and overall well-being are our top priority.

Each pet is unique and requires
protection from different illnesses.

Up-to-date vaccination for your pet is one of the easiest ways to help them live a long & healthy life.

For your convenience, we offer spay and neuter packages as part of “My Pet Health Protection Plan.“ Some of our advanced surgeries include:

Abscess and wound repair
Mass removal
Cherry eye surgery
Entropion / Ectropion
Stenotic nares
Cystotomy (Bladder stone removal) / Urethral Obstruction
Exploratory surgery
Gastotomy / Enterotomy (Foreign body removal)
Hernia repair
Patellar luxation repair
Cruciate repair
Fracture repair

We are continually educating our team in all surgical advancements, so you can always be assured of unparalleled service and support.

We strongly recommend Spaying or neutering your pet not only for patient health and longevity, but also to assist the pet population.

If you have any questions about our services, please contact us today at (201) 947-5600.