Wellness Exams
Your pet’s health is important to us and with Dr. Kim’s 20 years of veterinary experience, you can guarantee you and your pet will receive the right trusting care.

Dental Care
Your pet needs comprehensive dental exams and professional deep cleaning. Dental plaque and heavy tartar are composed of millions of bacteria; which can lead to bad breath, pain, gum disease (e.g. gingivitis or periodontal disease), and loose teeth.

Spay/Neuter/Advanced Surgery
We at Red Roof pride ourselves in high-quality surgical and clinical procedures. We provide the utmost care to all of our patients because their health and overall well-being are our top priority.

We have an onsite laboratory with qualified tech personnel to draw and preform in house testing as needed.

Medical Boarding/Grooming
There might come a time where you have to get of the town and your pet has an unfortunate condition that requires treatment.

Travel Certificate/Microchipping
Are you planning a trip with your pet? Whether it’s domestic or international traveling, you may need to prepare required documentation.

Allergy Test
Just like us, dogs suffer from allergies. About 1 out of every 5 dogs in the U.S. suffers from some form of allergy.